Convert/Redeem Google Play Balance/Gift Card to real money
Easily convert/redeem Google Play balance/Google Opinion Rewards balance to real money with a minimum commissionable fee of only 10%. You receive 60% of the total amount as Google charges 30% on the amount you pay. Conversion will take 5 - 7 days to get money into your preferred payment method.
Wide range of payment options
For users in India:
  • Paytm Wallet (Min conversion of ₹ 10/-)
  • Local bank transfer (Min conversion of ₹ 50/-)
  • Any UPI like PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay etc., (Min conversion of ₹ 100/-)
For users other than in India:
  • PayPal (Min conversion of ₹ 200/-)
Less commissionable fee
We only take 10% of your amount as a conversion fee.
Trusted App
Used by more than 100K+ users.
Customer Support
We have a dedicated support system for all users and all app related queries will be solved in with in 24-48 hours.
Frequently asked questions
How much time it will take for payouts?
It will take maximum of 7 days to get your payout into your account. So please stick on to the payout date shown in history section in the app.
What if you entered wrong payout details?
We are not responsible for any wrong payment details entered in the payout section. If it is the case, then please contact us as soon as possible before we make payment to your provided details.
What if order is not listed in app?
In some rare cases, may be due to network issue or any technical glitch, your purchased order may not be listed in our app. Then please contact us with the Google Play order ID of your purchase that you receive through mail from Google. Your money is always safe with us.
What if your payment is delayed?
We try our best to do the payout request within the scheduled date shown in history section of app. If it is delayed, then there is a problem with your payment method. Please contact us with the alternate payment details from the registered email ID, we will process your payment within 72hrs. Your money is always safe with us.
How much amount you will receive?
Google will charge 30% of your total amount as their transaction fee and an extra 1% as the With Holding Tax(WHT) and we charge 9% of your total amount as our conversion fee. So, at last, you will receive 60% of the total amount after all deductions.

You can refer these links for further information Google Play transaction fees to developers for all IN-APP purchases and deduction of withholding taxes from Indian developers.
Do we provide refunds?
Yes. We do provide refunds. You can contact us before we make payment.
Does app requires any permissions on Mobile?
No. We don't ask any special permission on your Mobile. Your privacy is our most concern.
Does app requires any special data from User?
We don't ask any special data from user except their mobile number and email for identification purpose.